In the beginning...
(What you should know )

Before making  any decisions you should always have a coordinator or planner to assist  you throughout the planning. By
doing this you can avoid unwanted pit falls. Remember your planner is experienced,and has been exposed to various  
vendors and venues. Don't get overwhelmed and stressed out trying to plan without your planner. Allow your money to work for
you in the most economical way.  
Let  Provisions by Doris pave the way to a stress free occasion.

Make the best of your event...
Be led by your event planner
Always have your
Personal Hostess
by your side!
  • Our services are not accrued by the hour
  • Make sure you have plenty of time for planning
  • Call to inquire about the Personal hostess services and price
    packages. This service is very beneficial and will save you money
  • Ask how you can lower the cost of your event
  • Event planning with Provisions by Doris is very affordable!
  • We also do partial services or full services
  • Catering can be tweaked accordingly

Provisions by Doris will do a consultation with you concerning the logistics of your
particular event. A time line preparations for vendor(s) venue locating will be determined,
along with selected services that will be utilized for your event. Provisions by Doris will
oversee the event from start to finish, allowing you and your family the pleasure of
enjoyment., or partial service where we may see necessary.

Ask about  "My Personal Hostess
Services". It's all about seeing to your
Provisions by Doris

"It's all about excellent  

Let Provisions by Doris
set the tables and
provide service for  
your fine dining event
Detail Oriented
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